hourly minibus hire with driver

You can rent an hourly minibus including fuel and driver. These leases will be 3 hours 6 hours and 12 hours. All you have to do is make a reservation. For a 3-hour rental you have a limit of 100 km, a limit of 200 km on a 6-hour rental, and a 300-km limit on a 12-hour rental. These kilometers are prepared to suit you comfortably enough that you think this mileage or hours in case you think you're comfortable with the time out or km exceeds the economic price. Details of these will be given to you in the booking phase.
What you need to do for hourly minibus rental 0 532 316 64 95, the driver of the vehicle section, e-mail address info@pergetransferantalya.com, our phone number 00 90 242 311 44 87 you can book our line
whats up booking 00 90 532 316 64 95,