Olimpos, 85.7 km to Antalya. away from the Caretta Caretta turtles is a breeding ground, protected as a protected area, often preferred by college students and backpackers is a holiday resort.
The crystal clear, azure and icy water, the mountain-facing beach, and the Olympos Beach crab insects were created to purify the human spirit. The other goers of the beach are the caretta caretta. Here are a few things you need to be sensitive to to protect those endangered endangers:

- Let the caretta exist. Caretta eggs are buried under the sand for 2 months, and when they complete their development, they get a night out. There are no sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach in order not to damage the buried eggs. It is very important that you show the same respect to their living space. Do not let your child to mow the sand, if you have a dog, please compare, please don't stab the umbrella, paddle-derived things on the ground.
Spend time on the beach at night; you should not speak too loudly or listen to music at high volume, you should not emit light to cause them to be afraid. In addition, these can break the direction of the baby caretta direction and can cause them to get to the sea.

OrThe beach is forbidden to enter the beach, so parking is usually on the beach's entrance. Still, if you can't see it, we're writing here too; you should not drive to the beach.

- No facilities. There are no beach club-style businesses or places to change. It has a completely natural structure. Its water is not sand, so the clarity of the water always remains the same. When we left, we got umbrellas, folding chairs, folding mini tables and sea shoes. If you intend to go with the vehicle you can go well prepared like us
Adrasan Beach is a 20-25 minute drive from Olympos. There are buses from Antalya, which are arranged from the bus station or the airport, it takes about 1 and a half hours. There are hotels and cafes where you can stay along the beach, eat, sit and have a nice time. Adrasan beach, unlike the beach of Olympos is a completely sand beach. Umbrellas and sun loungers are rented for 5 TL. You can also have fun with water sports waiting for you in the middle of the beach
113 graves were found in the northern part. Interestingly, in the North Necropolis, the tombs were made intermittently and without any emphasis on positioning; Moreover, the Northern Necropolis lived in the leading families of the period. The sarcophagus of Antimachos and his family and the sarcophagus of Captain Eudomus are located in the Northern Region.

In this time, people living in this city have built temples, baths, churches, theaters, city walls and wide streets. Based on these, there is an intense architecture in the city, I can say that you can already understand this from the ruins, but few have survived. For this reason, the efforts to strengthen by the Excavation Team of the Ancient City of Olympos still continue. If you ask us, you can visit the entire city comfortably by going to the beach 1 hour early
Don't look at the way these rocks burn like a flare. I guess the most popular thing is a lighter. At night the rocks burning like candles are getting very nice. Of course, this is not legendary. The most famous legend is as follows; The king of Lycia gives Bellerophontes the task of killing the monster named Khimera, who has fired flames from his mouth. There is such a collision between them that Khimera is finally buried in the ground and only the flames from his mouth remain. Here is the ground buried in the ground and these flames are actually considered to be our Yanartas. Of course this is only the legendary dimension of the work, a real gas leak that arises.

The best time to come to Yanartaş is actually the hours close to sunset. Because at that time you can enjoy the surrounding landscape with pleasure. But our advice is that you can see one at night because the effect is amazing. One of the most beautiful things here is the stars! When you look up your head to the sky, you can see millions of stars staring at you because there is no lighting. We had wine and marshmallows on our way. We burned marshmallows over the burning fire and ate and drank with our wine under the stars. Nevertheless, the attention to the scorpion